The word “prosocial” refers to the welfare of others and society as a whole. PROSOCIAL Magazine is designed to promote these values, but it is not the first to do so. Others include Yes! and Greater Good, which we warmly recommend to our readers.

PROSOCIAL Magazine takes a distinctively scientific approach, but even this is not unique. Greater Good, which is published by the Greater Good Science Center at the University of California, Berkeley, is especially exemplary in this regard.

What makes PROSOCIAL Magazine unique is its orientation toward groups rather than individuals. Our ideal reader either belongs to a group or wishes to form a group with prosocial values. The group might be a volunteer organization, a business, a church, a school, or any other assemblage of people who need to work together to achieve valued goals. We offer a specific set of tools for enhancing the performance of groups, including:

  • An Internet platform that provides a home page for each group.
  • An online course that group members take together.
  • A network of facilitators who guide groups through the process.
  • The ability to communicate with other groups.

These tools are not just informed by science—the groups that use them become involved in continuing research on “the science of working better together”. 

This grand experiment is called PROSOCIAL and can be accessed herePROSOCIAL Magazine tells the story of the project to a broad audience and especially to the groups that become involved. In the articles that follow, you and your group can learn about The origin of PROSOCIAL, the scientific principles on which it is based, and the experience of the groups that are starting to use it. 

It is our hope that PROSOCIAL will be used by hundreds, thousands, and even hundreds of thousands of groups worldwide. PROSOCIAL Magazine is dedicated to that end.

Welcome to PROSOCIAL Magazine!

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