This video demonstrates how the Prosocial process helped an established dental practice in Germany. The facilitation included Dr. Alexander Ebert, a dentist and owner of the practice, another dentist, and 14 staff members.

The dental practice team had recently faced some challenges due to its growth. They had moved to a new location two years earlier, and this relocation came with much more comfortable and functional space, as well as an increase in the size of the staff. But it also came with much higher cost for the owner.

Alexander informed the staff about the increased overhead, and asked for greater efficiency from the entire staff, especially the dentist and prophylaxis team. He was under considerable financial strain. After sharing this information with the staff, they also felt the pressure, and this led to a stressful working environment for the members of the team.

In addition, some of the members felt at a disadvantage due to restructuring of the team, that had not been well communicated at the time. Behaviors like gossiping, the appearance of factions, and withdrawing began to emerge. These behaviors were not just disruptive, but went counter to the values of the dental practice team that had been formulated in an earlier group process.

This was the context in which the Prosocial process took place. The staff was somewhat skeptical at first, but curious, and open to trying the process out. In the video we discuss how the process dramatically changed the climate of the practice, so afterwards the team members reported more trust, cohesion and fun. They came up with new group practices, such as creating a common motto for themselves every week. They reported more initiative and engagement. They established an efficient complaint management process, and got back to the engagement and joy that had been in the team earlier. The owner, Dr. Ebert, found that he could trust his staff to manage themselves, and the financial results improved significantly as well.

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