I recently completed my Doctorate in Biological Sciences from Binghamton University. My main research interest and expertise is in diet and health from an evolutionary perspective. I explored this interest by studying the Paleo-diet for my doctoral research. I designed and implemented a 12-week long controlled study with 37 participants to test the effects of the Paleo-diet on human health markers. I have also been involved with the Prosocial development team in Binghamton since its early days and helped organize the Prosocial Workshop at Binghamton in 2016. Please see below for my experience in Prosocial.


Besides diet and health research I have always been interested in studying human behavior at the individual and the group level. I have realized this interest by teaching a course on Human Behavior from an Evolutionary Perspective at Binghamton University. Working closely with David S Wilson at Binghamton, I became involved with Prosocial since the early days and helped in organizing and facilitating the Prosocial Workshop in Binghamton in 2016. This allowed me the opportunity to understand, learn and practice the Prosocial process. Besides training with David, I have attended a workshop by Benjamin Schoendorff and Valerie Kiel on Six steps in Flexibility representing 16 hours continuous education in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. I also practice ACT on a regular basis whenever I notice myself getting stuck in the bottom left or top right quadrants! I have also had the great pleasure of training with Paul Atkins while working on the Learning to Facilitate the Prosocial Process representing 9 contact hours. Besides this, I have a personal connection and experience with Mindfulness based practices which helps me in understanding the human condition on a daily basis.

I see myself well placed to facilitate groups working towards improving their health through diet, physical activity and lifestyle related changes. I could also lend my services towards carrying out diet or physical activity related scientific studies involving groups. Please leave a message if you would like to know more about me.

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