My work as a psychologist often takes me outside of the therapy room into areas that I find meaningful. This has directed me to working with non-profit social justice and environmental groups on important processes like building team culture, addressing emotional and social costs of this important work, and building inclusive and effective groups. My approach is to have genuine, engaging experiences that draw on humour, collaboration and compassion.


I have been working with Prosocial since 2017 after attending several workshops and completing the facilitator training. I have applied the concepts with small non-profit teams and volunteer groups. I am also experienced using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), I have presented workshops and training in ACT-related topics at national and international conferences, and have contributed to training resources for using ACT with adolescents. I have been able to also draw from my past experiences as a senior state government employee in policy and research to apply a systems approach to understanding complex spaces and issues.
Free or lower rates for selected non-profits

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