Born in 1976, I’m a passionate, eager to learn and entrepreneurial woman, mother of two. I care about the well-being of others and love coaching and supporting people. My purpose is to increase quality of life of people by expanding their ability to adapt and self-manage in the face of life challenges, whether they are emotional, social, physical, intellectual or economic. LinkedIN profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/pimampe/ Therapy & consultancy: https://positiveau.com/ (Dutch only) Quality of Life Network: https://qol.world


On a professional level, I pursued an exciting career in the mental health and welfare sector. I worked in different roles (drama therapist, home counselor, team leader, care coordinator, manager, supervisor, lecturer) and with various methods and frameworks in which I’m professionally trained (drama therapy, solution-focused therapy, dialectic behavioral therapy, MBTI, Holacracy, Prosocial).
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