Peter draws on his experience as head, curriculum specialist, and science teacher at several schools in Vermont. For 13 years he developed and taught school and summer youth programs at Shelburne Farms, a National Historic Landmark and leader in education for sustainability, where he also served as an organizational development fellow. Learn more about Peter at Linkedin.com/in/petermbullock. To compliment Semester Drawdown, Peter is working to create 100% Prosocial, a certification for businesses and organizations to demonstrate their commitment to a socially just and equitable workplace.


Recently Peter served as the Founding Director of the Eileen Rockefeller House ("Rock-E") where he met David Sloan Wilson and became trained as a Prosocial facilitator under Paul Atkins. Throughout his career Peter has practiced dynamic governance with students and faculty. At Shelburne Farms he facilitated core values and mission alignment, and led a Community of Learning Inquiry and Practice (CLIP) in transformational learning for the education department. Prosocial extends and enlivens this work to create learning organizations.
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