Jeff Genung is co-founder and President of Contemplative Life, a non-profit organization that has created a digital hub that connects people and communities with transformative practices. He also co-founded Transformation365.org an experiential practice network designed to help cultivate inner awakening through deep and sustained practice. Most recently Jeff served on the board of the Center for Contemplative Mind in Society as Treasurer. Jeff has spent his professional career as a technology executive and entrepreneur. He has also spent decades as a contemplative practitioner, teacher, and retreat master. Jeff is currently focused on developing technology solutions that connect people and communities with transformative practices to help them integrate practice into their daily lives. Jeff has a B.S. in Business from Cornell University and M.Div. https://contemplativelife.org/ https://vimeo.com/220665735 https://community.contemplativelife.org/Transformation365 https://vimeo.com/153276802


Jeff is on the Core Development Team of Prosocial, is a trained Facilitator and is leading the Prosocial Spiritualty initiative that is exploring the integration of evolutionary science with evolutionary spirituality.
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