Hadassah Mativetsky is a Software Quality Engineer at Universal Instruments. Prior to working as an Engineer, Hadassah was a coordinator at Binghamton University under Distinguished Professor David Sloan Wilson. She has been involved with David’s work on prosocial behavior since graduate school. In 2018, she completed facilitation coursework to guide groups through the Prosocial process. Because she is passionate about leadership, public speaking, and self-improvement, she recently served as the Toastmasters International Division D Director. Learn more about me on my website: https://sites.google.com/site/hadassahjoann/


Systems thinker with tech, higher education, health care, sustainability, and pluralistic experience. Emphasis on complex systems, process, quality, efficiency, human factors, organizational and group behavior, leadership, networks and evolution. Passionate about outreach and public speaking. Extensive background working with diverse populations as both coworkers and clients. Examples include children, internationals, minorities, senior citizens, prisoners, victims, famous musicians, academics, rural, urban, disabled, and persons of many faiths. My top 5 themes according to CliftonStrengths Assessment: Woo, Input, Learner, Includer, and Communication.
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