Gail relocated to Santa Fe, New Mexico in August 2019. She is passionate about living an active lifestyle, is a strong advocate for social justice and giving back to her community. Her formal education (MA, Counseling Psychology & Master's Business Administration) provides a catalyst for her commitment to provide facilitation and training in team building, leadership development, conflict management and enhancing collaboration. Her favorite saying is "today is a new day" and one of the best compliments she ever received was from a colleague who described her as being "brave and true."


Gail worked in Higher Education for two decades and has a long history of promoting a workplace culture of inclusivity, dignity and respect. She addresses workplace behavior through the Prosocial lens and believes that improving psychological flexibility is the key to reducing toxicity and promoting excellence in team/group dynamics. Gail uses the ACT Matrix and principals of Prosocial with individuals and teams to manage conflict and promote collaboration. In addition to completing the Prosocial Facilitation course with Paul Atkins, she received a certificate as an ACT Matrix/Prosocial Facilitator with the ACT Matrix Academy.
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