Eric is a leadership development specialist with particular expertise in developing resilience, courage and well-being for greater professional success. His work is grounded in over 20 years of corporate experience with IBM living and working in the UK, Germany, the Middle East and Australia. He draws on an extensive repertoire of evidence-based coaching and developmental tools and strategies to support his clients’ workplace performance and well-being. With deep knowledge in the science of building motivated and adaptive mindsets gained from working with preeminent professors at both Harvard and Sydney University, he helps busy professionals to avoid burnout, build their capability and achieve more. Clients include Accenture, the Australian Public Service Commission, BMW China, Catholic Care, NTT Data, SDN Childrens’ Services, the International Coach Federation, Meda Pharmaceuticals, the Australian Human Resources Institute and Nasdaq. Eric co-authored a chapter on ACT with Rachel Collis in ‘Positive Psychology in Coaching Practice’, published by Routledge in 2019. He is a regular speaker at the University of Sydney Masters in Coaching Psychology alumni group - his latest talk, 'When Tinder met ACT', described the surprising intersection between online dating and the ACT Matrix! Additional information may be found on Linkedin at www.linkedin.com/in/chocksaway


I've shared the ACT Matrix with over 1000 (and counting!) Australian Public Service leaders. I've embedded the ACT Matrix into my leadership development workshops provided to Australian government agencies and also train executive coaches in it's application to enable greater performance and collaboration in organisations.
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