SUMMARY An experienced Prosocial Process for Team Self-Governance facilitator and expert, Ms. Read is highly skilled in delivering both the Prosocial Process and the ACT Matrix for Prosocial Communications training in organizational settings. She is an organizational behavior consultant and certified coach professional who works with leaders and teams to develop emotional agility, psychological flexibility and prosocial behavioral skills. She has coached and mentored more than 300 leaders and teams in international agencies in the U.S. and overseas. Ms. Read’s career spans several decades with the government and private sector entities working with teams and individuals. Her passion addresses building strong team dynamics from the outset, providing consultation and training in ways to address contagious, negative emotions and behaviors within the team environment. Using the PROSOCIAL process, a Nobel-prize winning, evidence-based method to build psychological flexibility through strengthening emotional agility, situational awareness, and values-based action, she trains teams and their leaders in the application of the method’s core design principles. These correct for maladaptive behaviors, increase employee engagement, satisfaction, focused performance, retention and well-being. As an organizational behavior specialist committed to the evolution of organizations, Ms. Read is closely associated with the Evolution Institute, SUNY/Binghamton, Prosocial World, and the ACT Matrix Academy to reinvent organizations that will nurture human development, authenticity, community, passion, and purpose. Ms. Read has extensive experience with the U.S. Agency for International Development, the U.S. State Department and the World Bank, with numerous international development consulting groups as well as with the U.S. non-profit and for-profit sectors. She has strong cross-cultural skills having lived abroad most of her life. She has native fluency in English and French and has some command of Arabic (Moroccan dialect). Her professional experience spans the United States, Africa, Asia (Afghanistan), and Europe. Ms. Read is a Doctoral Candidate in Organizational Systems and Leadership Transformation completing her doctorate in October 2019. Her dissertation research, conducted in Uganda, considers the Prosocial Process for Team Self-Governance as a mediator of emotional contagion and behavioral entrainment in mitigating stress in aid worker teams.


Ms. Read has delivered Prosocial Process and ACT Matrix trainings for a variety of organizations, both domestic and international, working in the foreign assistance, medical, legal and association sectors. Ms. Read is trained in conflict resolution and is also certified in Conversational I-Q, Social and Emotional Intelligence coaching, Human Systems Dynamics as well as a variety of team and individual assessment tools. She holds a Master's in Clinical Psychology specialized in working with stress, trauma, anxiety, and building resilience.
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