I am passionate about expanding evolutionary thinking beyond the biological sciences to include all aspects of humanity. I do this through my academic research and as president of the Evolution Institute (https://evolution-institute.org), a nonprofit that formulates and implement public policy from an evolutionary perspective. Check out the EI's website to learn about its full portfolio of projects. Prosocial.world is one of the most ambitious EI projects--nothing less than a framework for working with single groups and multi-group cultural ecosystems around the world. It has been a great adventure working with other members of the Prosocial development team!I believe in a balanced life and live in a house and 150 acres of diverse habitat in upstate New York. This affords many reasons to be outdoors--fishing, gardening, trail-clearing, walking. My wife, Anne B. Clark, is also a colleague and a world authority on the behavioral ecology of corvids. Her crows always steal the show when we are with company together! We have two children; Katie and Tobias, who live in Seattle and New Jersey respectively. We also have a dog, Lizzie, who leads the perfect dog's life.


In addition to developing Prosocial as a whole, I enjoy working directly with groups. Since my time is limited, I work mostly with individuals and their groups who have a high capacity to implement prosocial at a large scale. This includes grant-writing efforts. You are welcome to contact me and I can connect you with other great facilitators if I am unable to become personally involved.
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