Brendan has for the last 40 years or so endeavoured to make some sense of why leaders do what they do and why an organisation’s culture is the way it is. He thinks it might take him another 40 years before he has cracked it! However, what he has learned to date he is always willing to share with others and see if together they can map out a path forward. Brendan had his first management experience as a callow youth. Thrown in the deep end to oversee and supervise a team who all had children older than their new manager! A baptism of fire for sure. Either by instinct or possibly having observed and learned what not to do from other more senior managers, Brendan at some point understood that to manage was not the same as to lead. He has endeavoured ever since as a senior manager, business owner, consultant and partner to keep reminding himself of that maxim and where given the opportunity to share his experiences with others as part of his and their collective leadership development.


Mr Versatile! With his eclectic background from working for himself and others, working for clients, large and small, and in starting and growing new businesses, Brendan has a wealth of experience to call upon. Couple that with years of developing and implementing his own or others’ leadership programs he has gained some insight into what delivers value. Brendan's recent research into evolutionary development and its application to organisation structure and management practice luckily led him to Prosociality. He believes Prosociality's 8 core design principles ability [integrated with the ACT matrix] to optimise group performance is without parallel and he is convinced of its utility, application and ability to deliver value to all groups in all contexts.
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