My work builds on framing ideas from the complexity and human sciences into tools that help people work more generatively at the core of their specific and evolving contexts. While not always easy, I try to review simultaneously parts, wholes, and greater wholes as available (individuals, their teams, internal organizations, and/or larger communities of influence). I do this so that change is not just conceived locally with gusto, but actually received well into the larger body system. My intentions are to help people and their systems pause, reflect and then get unstuck from today’s patterns in order to generate a series of “next wise actions” with real new meaning. Learning from a wise sage of organizational development, I often like to approach work together as some version of an exploration around, "What would an adult do in this situation? And when we generate a response together...I ask the follow-on, "Well then, why don't we do that?" Sounds simple enough right? Work examples may include whole of organization digital narrative captures to spot often hidden structural patterns to then "see" from a kind of birds eye view. These insights become opportunities to amplify or dampen the cultural conditions that give rise to such patterns. I then like to compliment such new insights gained with good ole fashion participatory group work to build deeper, embodied, trustful adaptive behaviors for purpose as a whole but where the individual is still free to act in ways that are most authentic, heard, and valued. This can be augmented with virtual presences for distributed teams and communities of practice. Overall, my approaches intend to augment some of the more traditional methods found in some HR kits. But I come at our work together from the perspective that human beings don't adjust themselves emotionally and so authentically in overnight courses, workshops, annual certification programs or periodic performance review sessions. They require much greater attending of their cores in smarter ways unique for them. Finding these paths to multiple lines of development is my passion.


I have significant experience: * Helping individuals and teams generate greater coherence around deeply human purposes in difficult contexts. This includes facilitation in Prosocial and the ACT Matrix displayed in visual forms * Designing and lightly but expertly guiding visual workshops with an emphasis on interactive small group work for multiple parallel quality inputs from all voices * Leading whole system micro-narrative captures and group assisted analysis of the conscious and nonconscious human patterns at work in teams and organizations all displayed in visual forms * Developing tailored in-house heuristics to think about, organize, and moderate patterns of team and organization actions into the future
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