Hi, I am a clinical psychologist and behavioral psychotherapist, and I love my work in my private practice in Aschaffenburg, Germany. I am also a peer reviewed trainer in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and provide trainings and lectures in Germany and internationally. In 2010, along with friends and colleagues, I founded commit and act, a non-profit organization to provide psychosocial support in Sierra Leone and other areas of conflict. Another pillar in my life is my longterm wonderful husband Alexander. The time I spend with him, our friends and families, is most precious.


With my commit and act team I successfully used the Prosocial approach since 2013 for behavior change, to empower groups of women in Sierra Leone, to reduce infection rates in the Ebola crisis and to reduce gender based violence in families. I also used Prosocial for the integration of immigrants in Germany, or in various teams of trainers and colleagues, and I successfully implemented Prosocial to empower the team in my husbands dental practice. Additionally I was a leader in several workshops (Seattle, Sevilla) to train Prosocial facilitators.
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