Find a facilitator

If you are not already skilled at facilitating groups, the best way to adopt Prosocial is to be guided through the process by a trained facilitator. We have facilitators who work in all sectors including corporations, government departments, community groups and others. Some of the members of our community are also open to working for free with groups that have limited resources.

Read the book

If you want to learn all about the ideas and techniques that make up Prosocial, check out our book to be released in October.

Can I learn to facilitate Prosocial myself?

Absolutely!  We offer online and face-to-face training options for people who aspire to be Prosocial facilitators with their own groups. You can find all the details here.

Training courses teach you how to use the ACT matrix for groups to create a sense of shared purpose and to plan how best to implement the Core Design Principles. The courses also show you how to use our practical tool “The Prosocial Path” to measure change over time and get everybody on the same page to create real and sustained change.

If you are a confident facilitator you may be able to use the book and the Prosocial Path to try out Prosocial yourself with a group you care about, even without doing our training courses. However, our experience is that people benefit from the training immensely, plus you get a chance to build a community of practice with other members of the Prosocial community during training.

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